You Deserve Our Services

Every business deserves the highest level of service and that is we want to offer, through high quality software, personal contact, and tax advice which goes the extra mile.

Specialists in bookkeeping

A good bookkeeper takes away your worries, saves you time and earns you money, but we take it that one step further with tax advice to optimize your tax position. Many SME's are not aware of the profit that can be made in this area. We want to help you in this by organizing your records properly and allowing you to benefit from tax advantages so you never pay too much tax.

Master of Law Dylan van de Belt LL.M.

Tax Lawyer and sparring partner

Dylan is your first point of contact for tax questions. He ensures that you benefit from all possible tax advantages and never pay too much tax.

Jef Rietdijk BBA

Accounting Officer

Jef takes care of your administration, compiles your financial statements and prepares the tax returns.

Tax advice

Included as standard in all our packages. Our advisor ensures that you save money when paying your taxes. Curious about what we can do for you? Make an appointment.

All-inclusive rates

Our goal is to take care of your fiscal worries and we work on the basis of all-in rates. You will always know the rate you pay and will never be surprised by extra costs. Check Rates

Standard packages

We have 4 standard packages, geared to four types of entrepreneurs. Do our packages not fit your needs? We can create a specifically tailored package for you. View packages or contact us for a tailor-made package.

High Quality

We offer a complete care package, tax advice, innovative bookkeeping at an all-in price. YDOS only delivers the highest quality service. Read more

How we work

1 During a meeting we discuss what YDOS can do for you and what benefits there are to be achieved.

2 We offer you one of our packages or we will make a package customised to your needs.

3 After an agreement is made, we will make an analysis of the current situation and discuss any points of attention. Subsequently, we will set up the financial administration for you.